Hummingbird Feeders: How Far Apart? (+7 Things To Know!)


Placing multiple hummingbird feeders close together is a good way to ensure less aggression among hummingbirds. Read on to find out the perfect guide on how far apart you should hang hummingbird feeders and other essential information regarding the placement of hummingbird feeders. Here’s How Far You Should Place Hummingbird Feeders: Generally, placing hummingbird feeders … Read more

Are House Finches Aggressive?


House Finches are tiny, beautiful, and bold. They don’t seem to be afraid of humans very much, if at all. Is it that they trust us more than other animals, or are House Finches aggressive? House Finches can be a little aggressive, although this is mostly when they are nesting or in competition with other … Read more

Are Ravens Smarter Than Crows?


Birds are more intelligent than you may think. Two extremely intelligent birds are crows and ravens due to their complex calls and understanding of tasks. However, are crows smarter than ravens, or are ravens smarter than crows? Although both birds are very intelligent, ravens are smarter than crows. When it comes to intelligence, ravens have … Read more