Editorial Policy

Editorial Policy For Bird Avid

At Bird Avid, we are dedicated to providing trustworthy, accurate, and quality information to our readers.

We try our best to ensure that every article we publish here at Bird Avid is of the highest quality and provides helpful information. However, if you ever come across an article that you think needs to be improved, please reach out to us by contacting us here.

Main Content Creator And Editor

Ravi Ganguly is the founder, main content creator, and editor of Bird Avid.

He has been interested in birds since his childhood days. He creates content for Bird Avid and also manages the Bird Avid brand’s Pinterest account.

Besides being an avid bird lover, Ravi Ganguly has been a professional content creator since 2020. Due to his experience as a web content publisher, he understands what it takes to create the best and most helpful content for his audience.

Quality And Fact Checking

1. Quality

At Bird Avid, we do our best to provide the best quality, accurate, and factual information to our readers.

All of the content we publish at Bird Avid goes through the final review and fact-checking done by Ravi Ganguly, the main content creator and editor of this website.

2. Fact Checking

We ensure that every word in our content has a purpose and is factually accurate.

We try our best to rely on trustworthy and authoritative sources while creating the content. Also, while creating content, we heavily prefer researching from scholarly articles, research papers, books, and other trustworthy sources.

Editorial Process And Guidelines

In our editorial process, our editor applies his best knowledge to ensure the following things:

  • The content is of the best quality and provides accurate information to the readers.
  • The content is factually correct and gives helpful information to the readers.
  • The content is free from grammatical, punctuation, and other readability-related errors.
  • The content includes helpful images that add value and are helpful to the readers.

Our Editorial Policy Is Created For Our Readers

At Bird Avid, our readers are our top priority. Our goal is to be the best resource for every level of birdwatchers and bird enthusiasts. Our editorial and content creation processes ensure we provide our readers with the best and most helpful information.

We try our best to improve, so we would appreciate your response on how we can create better resources for you. If you have any questions or issues regarding our content, you can contact us by visiting our contact page.