About Bird Avid & Its Founder

BirdAvid.com is a Birdwatching and Birds-related website started by me Ravi Ganguly.

The aim of BirdAvid.com is to provide helpful birdwatching and bird-related content for all bird lovers in the world. I started BirdAvid.com in April 2022.

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About Ravi Ganguly

My Childhood Attachment With Birds…

Since my early childhood days, I have developed a special interest in birds.

In my school days, whenever I got the opportunity, I used to look outside our classroom window to see the beautiful world of sparrows on a nearby tree.

Moreover, in our home backyard, we also had a setup for pet birds where he had birds like Parrots and Java Birds.

When I Grew Up…

Later on, as I grew up, we moved to a new place.

And interestingly, our new apartment had a colony of pigeons. They all used to nest mostly on the apartment’s exterior window top covers. The window cover was flat, and the area was between two apartments. Thus, it offered the perfect and safe place for the pigeons to thrive.

Whenever we opened the window, we could see hundreds of pigeons resting. Living in that apartment with pigeons outside literally felt like living with them as neighbors. Often while studying or doing something, our family members could hear the typical pigeons’ sounds.

And it was during this time I observed interesting things about pigeons, like how they rest, how they breed, when they are more active, and all other typical behaviors of pigeons.

As I further grew up, my interest in birds increased more and more.

At Present…

Fast forwarding a few years, I finally decided to share helpful bird-related content with other bird lovers like me through BirdAvid.com. And that’s how I came up with this website.

Currently, we live in a house that has a backyard and a decent number of trees in the surroundings. And most of them are fruiting trees.

Moreover, we have also grown a few plants and have been able to develop the greenery in the backyard. As a result, we have been lucky enough to hear the beautiful sounds of birds in the early morning hours every day.

So that’s it! I hope you enjoyed my journey. Thanks for being here. And I hope you are also enjoying the content I share with you.

Feel free to connect with me if you have something to share.

You can also have a look at our Pinterest profile here and YouTube here.

Have a great day, and happy birding! See you again!

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